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Commercial Services

Here at Pipe Smart, we provide a variety of helpful services to support businesses and commercial buildings.

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Available Services:

Natural Gas & LPG

Mains cold water & BCW

Fire hydrants & sprinkler mains

LTHW plastic pre-insulated

Pumped rising mains

Butt fusion welding

Electro fusion jointing

Live pipeline diversions

Line stopping: squeeze off, bag off

Under-pressure connections

Decommissioning of redundant gas mains

Emergency response (leak detection/repairs)

Annual gas tightness test of installation and existing pipework

Water main commissioning, chlorination & flow testing

Gas strength/tightness testing & purging

Plastic pipe tracing

Cat & Genny scans

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The Pipe Smart team are specialists in the installation of new buried external gas installation pipework from the primary meter outlet valve up to the building entry point. We can install, test and purge installations of any volume or pressure, issuing relevant testing documents on completion.

Our team can connect ‘live’ into most existing installations via bypasses or under pressure tees. These methods mean the end-user has an uninterrupted supply and in addition, the contractor does not have to risk uncovering any pre-existing leaks when reinstating the supply.

We will utilise butt fusion joints where possible as this is the most robust jointing method for PE pipe, electrofusion jointing where necessary.

Gas services
  • Natural Gas & LPG pipelines
  • Butt fusion welding 
  • Electrofusion jointing 
  • Decommissioning of redundant gas mains  
  • Live pipeline diversions 
  • Line Stopping: squeeze off, bag off 
  • Under pressure connections
  • Annual gas tightness test of installation pipework
  • Strength/tightness testing & purging


The team here at Pipe Smart can supply and install new pipework or replace external mains cold water pipework. We can install either standard MDPE/HPPE or barrier pipe installations for contaminated land where necessary.

Pipe Smart (as an approved contractor under the TAPS & WIAPS schemes) can install and sign off the installation by issuing a certificate of work completed to the local water authority. 

Where necessary, we will install non-return valves at the boundary as a method of backflow prevention. The Pipe Smart team can connect ‘live’ into most existing installations via under pressure tees.

Water services
  • Mains cold water & BCW 
  • Fire hydrants & sprinkler mains 
  • LTHW plastic pre-insulated heating 
  • Pumped rising mains 
  • Butt fusion welding 
  • Electrofusion jointing 
  • Pressure testing 
  • Chlorination 
  • Flow testing 
  • Pipe freezing
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Specialist Services

Here at Pipe Smart, we provide a range of specialist solutions for serving your commercial building, including Impact Moling.

Impact Moling is a technique in which a pneumatically driven percussive mole (soil displacement hammer) is launched from an excavation to displace the soil and form a small tunnel. The pipe is then pulled through, negating the need to dig trenches. This saves time and the cost of reinstatement materials, resulting in this trenchless solution being less disruptive and more cost-effective for the customer.

Tracer gas leak detection can be a very useful technique to locate water leaks in customer supply pipes, underwater heating systems, boilers, central heating systems and mains distribution networks. 

The tracer gas is introduced into the pipe with the leak from a cylinder of gas. The tracer gas used to find water leaks is a mixture of hydrogen (5%) and nitrogen (95%) making it completely safe to use in drinking water supplies as it is both non-toxic and non-corrosive. The tracer gas contains hydrogen, which is the lightest and smallest molecule in the atmosphere, which will exit at the leak point and make its way to the surface where it is detected by the highly sensitive Variotec 460 gas detector.

Specialist services
  • Trenchless ‘Moling’ technology
  • Tracer gas leak detection
  • De-watering gas pipes (pigging)
  • Emergency response (leak detection/repairs)
  • Gas strength/Tightness testing & purging
  • Confined space trained

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